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"Beyond The Dark" - Patrick D'Orazio


"Area 187 - Almost Hell" - Eric Lowther


"Into the Dark" - Patrick D'Orazio


"The Tale of the Vampire Bride" - Rhiannon Frater


"Comes the Dark" - Patrick D'Orazio




About Page - 10/21/11

Hey Ho and welcome to the October update for the Twisted Library!

September was a super busy month for yer old Doc and Conventions. Horrorfind in Gettysburg, Horror Realm in Pittsburgh and

Twisted Library News

We’ve released another novel called “The Drifter” and it’s by “Dead Tide” author Stephen A. North. The book is sci/fi at it’s best and should be read by everyone. It’s now available on Amazon and Kindle.


“Zombidays” will be released this month. It’s an anthology about holidays with a nod towards the zombie. “Zombidays” is a ton of fun.

Twisted Library Press Authors

Bowie Ibarra

Bowie V. Ibarra started with the pulp zombie horror classic "Down the Road" and has not looked back. You can find out more about Bowie and network with him at  

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"CODENAME: La Lechusa"
Paula Luna is a typical single parent trying to earn an honest living in San Uvalde. Alluring and edgy, she works her way through her workday amid a sea of incompetent coworkers and lascivious men. But Paula has an alter ego. As an asset of a secret U.S. agency, Paula dons her uniform, knives, and a state of the art goggles that assists with her missions (and social networking) and becomes La Lechusa, a master assassin named after a creature of Mexican folklore. When one of her jobs leads to a power play for security contracts among competing corporations at Rexault Pharmaceuticals, La Lechusa is forced to take sides by her shadowy handlers. All the while, Paula has to deal with a mysterious power in two sacred necklaces bestowed by an eccentric neighbor for Paula and her daughter. The necklaces promise protection from impending doom by an “angel negra”, black angel. Can Paula Luna maintain a normal life raising a daughter, looking for love, and partying with friends? Will the mystical force help or hinder her clandestine endeavors? Or will the blood on the blades of La Lechusa spell the end for Paula and her family?


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Road to Landsford




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Brad Zipprich



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